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Before we do anything, we prepare. We observe. We research. We analyze. We know our clients’ brands inside and out. We identify what drives their customers and consumers. We understand the most current nuances of the marketplace. We investigate even when there’s not a specific task at hand. We collaborate with each other and with our clients – always. We refine, refresh, and don’t stop until we know we are fully ready to produce amazing work.

Our Brand

Before opening our doors, we established the foundation for what kind of company we wanted to be. Since day one, our firm’s Vision and Values have driven every action made by Greenhouse Partners—and shaped the creation of our own brand.


We are leaders who inspire others to greatness. As leaders, we support our shared vision and values. We lead by example; being relentless in achieving our goals, being collaborative in our problem solving, being accountable for our successes and failures. We take action, make things happen, and create an environment that enables others to do the same. We carry a positive approach to our work – always. We are innovative, decisive and compassionate. We listen and learn from others. And we always stay true to who we are.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The organization’s spirit is defined by new, by passion, and by positive energy. We have a bias for getting things done and being creative in the doing. Entrepreneurial spirit is creating a culture of doers who hurdle obstacles, who are persistent. We seek out challenges and look to alter the status quo. We are pioneers, risk takers. We embrace momentum as a driving force – we create solutions where there was once unknowing.


We work together to prepare, to amaze, to grow. We embrace input, feedback, and discussion. We seek to involve each other. We have a positive, open debate approach to problem solving. We work hand in hand with our clients to grow their brands and people.


When it is time to make decisions we make them. Diligence and preparation are paramount, while decisiveness is the partner to momentum. Through accountability we promote the freedom to decide, to take action, to move forward.


As winners we do everything in our power to succeed in reaching our vision and living our values. Winning does not mean we never lose, we are never wrong, or never make mistakes. Winning is our way of thinking, our approach to decision making, and our approach to our actions. For us, winning is not a sometimes thing; it’s an all-the-time thing.

Our Model

The Greenhouse model incorporates three integrated practice areas — Brand Consulting, Brand Communications, and Brand Learning — to deliver lasting growth for brands and people. We collaborate with our clients to consistently communicate a compelling brand promise inside and outside their companies.

Brand Consulting

research, analysis, identity system, positioning, brand experience, account planning, brand communication planning, business and systems implications

Brand Communication

tv, radio, social and viral, print, outdoor, interactive, collateral, direct response, events, promotions, grassroots, brand identity, retail experience, internal communications

Brand Learning

greater purpose, innovation, culture, leadership, people, structure / operations, communication, internal understanding and buy in

The Whole Brand©

The Whole Brand ranges from the brand communication efforts to the design and location of the company offices, from corporate culture to social media, from customer service to how employees or business partners talk about the company. All aspects of the brand — its strengths, its various stakeholder groups, its touchpoints, its relative position in the marketplace, its essence — must be considered, evaluated, and understood in order to create lasting growth.

Our Thoughts

Greenhouse Glossary

Defining a few key phrases that are unique to our model and the way we think about brands.

Our Definition of Brand

A brand is the thought or concept that immediately comes to mind as a result of the words, images, ideas, actions, experiences, and emotions someone relates to your brand. It is a dynamic, fluid, and constantly changing entity.

A brand is all about making and keeping promises.

The Whole Brand©

The Whole Brand ranges from the brand communication efforts to the design and location of the company offices, from corporate culture to social media, from customer service to how employees or business partners talk about the company. All aspects of the brand — its strengths, its various stakeholder groups, its touchpoints, its relative position in the marketplace, its essence — must be considered, evaluated, and understood in order to create lasting growth.

Inside-Out© / Outside-In©

The Greenhouse approach for creating a compelling Whole Brand® is focused on seamlessly aligning and integrating the internal and external brands.

A company’s external brand is impacted by forces such as marketplace shifts, consumer trends, competitive changes, etc. In turn, a company’s internal brand is defined by forces such as its culture, vision, values, mission, hiring practices, internal communications, organizational structure, and more.

The Greenhouse methodology treats all of these forces that affect both the internal and external brands equally. By engaging in a strategic analysis of all them, we create a broad understanding of The Whole Brand© – inclusive of the marketplace, business partners, employees, consumers and / or customers, competitors and the company’s own business situation. From this powerful base of knowledge, Greenhouse develops insight into opportunities for true differentiation – those that are grounded in Actionable Intelligence©, are compelling, and are defendable – for both the internal and external brands.

Actionable Intelligence©

Actionable Intelligence© means taking insights and providing a clear roadmap for turning that intelligence into tangible and measurable results for your brand. While facts and figures are the foundation of research, we use these as a springboard rather than an endpoint.

Incorporating a holistic approach, Actionable Intelligence embodies thinking and outcomes that make a real difference – delivering lasting growth for brands and people.


Amazing is our benchmark. And it’s how we think about everything we do – big or small, internal or external. Will this work exceed expectations? Is it smarter? More compelling? More Insightful? Will it make a real, tangible difference? Will it ultimately amaze our clients, their stakeholders, and ourselves? If not, then we simply have more work to do.

A Glimpse

A glimpse into some of what makes us who we are – our work, our thinking, the way we interact and how we have fun. Should you be inclined to want to see a little more, we’d look forward to the opportunity to share more with you.

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Contagious Loyalists

This is how we look at results. Whenever a compelling Whole Brand® is created, that brand’s Contagious Loyalists will spread the word on their own. Brands that create and nurture Contagious Loyalists are  – and will continue to be – the big winners.


Ultimately, there is only one problem we set out to solve: How can we create growth? Our solutions present themselves in an infinite number of forms – from revenue growth, to awareness gains, to increased employee performance, to enhanced sales velocity. We are relentless in the pursuit of growth – however each individual client defines it. As a firm, as teams, as individuals, we seek continuous growth as well – always learning, always evolving, and always pushing ourselves further.


Some of our clients you’ll recognize as the world’s most ubiquitous brands, some of them you’ve never heard of. And that’s just the way we like it. We seek a client list diverse in industry and size – allowing us to keep our thinking fresh and translate best practices across categories. The only thing that matters to us is that we’re helping them grow.


Everyone at Greenhouse has one thing in common: at our core, we are problem solvers. And the right people with the right attitudes can deliver unexpected results.

How We Think About Team

We are a professional-services firm that inspires the growth of brands and people. We combine decades of brand-building expertise with the powerful thinking of a diverse set of highly active minds.

Greenhouse has MBAs, Harvard grads and CU Buffs; economics majors, marketing majors, and Spanish majors; Valedictorians and Phi Beta Kappas; people from the most respected agencies and people from the most prestigious consultancies: ex-internet and technology gurus, ex-investment professionals, ex-army sharpshooters, and the former head of creative for Planet Hollywood. Our Associates are from places like the UK, New York, Iran, Canada, Chicago, and right here in Boulder, Colorado.

Each one of us interacts with every single one of our clients. No barrier exists between our strategists, our creative team, and our learning experts — powerful consumer insights are drawn from Creative Associates, a great ad or social media concept can grow from a Strategy Associate’s brainstorming idea, and a new communications’ vehicle can be developed based on a Senior Associate’s visit to Thailand.

How We Think About Place

Our culture enables us to be a place of contagious energy: an open, collaborative environment that promotes continuous learning along the path of excellence.

The strategies we employ to make that a reality are:


Greenhouse Scholars

It was always part of the vision of Greenhouse Partners to give back to our communities. So in 2005, we founded Greenhouse Scholars – a mentorship and scholarship program benefiting high-performing, under-resourced college students.

Today, Greenhouse Scholars is a thriving, independent 501(c)(3) – currently providing nearly 50 of Colorado’s most deserving and most promising students with personal, professional and financial support.

Learn more at

We Create Contagious Loyalists